New Victory Poses

Looking at another victory screen of another weave mission, I’ve had an idea. New victory poses for characters.
Right now all of the heroes just stand in default weapon out poses and look down, all sorrowful and despressed. Almost like they didn’t make another step to restoring balance of the world, but lost another piece of their soul in this remorseless grinding machine named Weaves.
Here’s a screenshot:

Ain’t that plain sad?
This is why I propose the following: victory poses should be added into the game.
First of all, how could one use it?

  1. There should be inventory slot “Victory Pose” in the inventory, in the “Cosmetics” row (hat, dress, frame, pose).
  2. At the end of every run (not just weave, but regular ones as well) all the characters step up to screen in a way, similar to hero selection menu. In fact, those poses should be default poses for every character. Just look at the Bounty Hunter introduction, isn’t it default, yet amazing?

Second, how could one obtain those?

  1. Obviously, through the Lohner’s Emporium. I’m not sure about the exact price or if it should be either shillings or real money, but it’d be the fastest way to get them.
  2. Commendation chests. To be honest, I’ve never understood why new cosmetic items (and weapons too) don’t drop from those. Why is this a thing? Nevertheless, I think some of those poses should be obtainable by opening commendation chests.
  3. Okri’s challenges. Right now player gets a commendation chest for reaching level 30 and 35 of every character. This can (easily?) be replaced by a fancy pose. And/or some new challenges can be added with a pose as a reward.

Third, what kind of poses could exist?

  1. I suggest three categories: characted based, career based and weapon based. Either one, or mixture of those would be cool to see.
  2. Of course, poses should have different rarity as all other items (gray, green, blue, orange, red, purple). And the better quality is, the more extravagant pose should be.
    Just imagine Witch Hunter Captain, pointing at the heretic he just found:

    Or Unchained, sharing her passion for explosions with us:


and I want it in the game.
Fatshark, please? Pretty please?

That’s about about it. Thank you for your attention.


Hellsing abridged Jojo reference? Yes! Yes!Yes! Yes!

Silly-ness aside though, I agree that the poses in that screen look a tad bit odd, like there is something interesting by Bardins feet and everyone’s just craning their necks to get a better view of it.


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