On emotes

Really cool, i like them a lot, already rendered some hilarity.
Can you guys add more poses and the ability to customize their position? nothing character breaking of course, can’t have fortnite dance there but a shrug would be perfect whenever you know who goes down again, you can have a little laugh before picking her up.

Could also put new ones behind events as rewards or after a massive grind, ideas ideas…

I don’t think these will be a one and done type offering. We hope to add a bunch more options and flexibility to the system if players vibe with it. Ideas always welcome!


Nice, just one tiny critic though their animation is a little rough, coudn’t it be a little like destiny where characters have the normal animation seamlessly switch to the pose/emote? in its current state its great for screenshots but the way they clip instantly into the pose looks mildly raw in motion.


Fair! This initial implementation is designed mostly for screenshot posing, as opposed to being an extension of the communication systems like the social wheel or what have you. But food for thought, feedback like that is useful :slight_smile:


We urgently need a facepalming pose!


Also, the greeting pose kinda looks like a request for a high-five due to how its just standing still :sweat_smile:


I would be nice to have poses with weapons you have equipped.

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Kruber Slav squatting with a greathammer? Hell yeah!