Emotes and Animations expected?

Any chance we will see Emotes with the release, or at some point?

I would love to see some of these emotes be animations. For example, the blessing of our weapons or the zealot reading from their scripture. (You can put them in the store for all I care.) Maybe even a victory pose at the end screen of a map would be fun, instead of showing us stats, the one with the most kills would be the only one to emote, kind of like an MVP.

I did read some posts on the Beta about the loading screen into missions, emotes in the hub, maybe allow a customization here?

The third person mode in the hub and “stance” cosmetic slot hints at it to say the least. We had “emotes” in Vermintide 2 but they felt kinda tacked on last minute. Most people didn’t even know these were in the game.

Probably because they were added way after launch

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