Dumb as it may sound, socializing through the game is actually a big feature! Bonding through the mass slaughter of rats and rotblood’s is a huge draw for some people, especially those who play open multiplayer.

I think it would be Interesting and useful to add even minor emotes to the game. It would make teamwork easier for those unable to connect or purchase a microphone, and be easier and quicker than typing in chat. We may be able to tag specials, but what about that oh so annoying issue of being snuck up on by an entire horde because the only guy who saw where they were coming from couldn’t tell the others? Reveling in the death of a tough boss in ways other than teabagging it’s massive corpse with your buddies? Just having fun and bonding in the keep?


:fu: :point_right: :nurgle: :fire:
:anger: :male_detective:

Sure would be nice but I would appreciate to be able to shout out some of the character voice lines at will more.


Tap x

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Maybe combine the two options?

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