Let us get all 30 paint in one games or reduce 30 to 9

players want challenge not grinding

why company in most generous nations makes grindings so harsh?

Those ART are spawned 1~3 per games which means you have to play at least 10~30 games for one mission

it is not funny at all

wasting more times and makes player so salty

i am sure you expect that dead host can alt f4 when he can’t get art but others can but there is no protection at all

are you kidding me?

even Ubisoft open world games let you get all grinding collectibles

suggest about art

  1. let all 4 players loot art when only 1 player loot it

  2. reduce art grinding to 30 to 9
    searching whole maps is really boring and makes game totally work not fun

  3. let players get all art in just 1 game
    i dont want to more grinding after i do 500 deed, 1500 helm games and all challegne i did


So, I haven’t had a chance to play the game since the patch today. So I’m looking forward to doing that at some point this week when my regular group has time. So, take what I type with a grain of salt.

  1. That said, I like your first suggestion about allowing everyone to loot the art when one player picks it up. I think this sounds like good quality of life for the game.

  2. I disagree with your second suggestion. I like playing the game and I don’t mind having a lot of scavenger hunts to find the collectible art. Personally I think this will keep me and my regular group busy and engaged for a while, and it’s not like anyone is forced to find the art every time. I’m not opposed to a bit of grinding and to some degree all games have some level of grinding to unlock certain things, but as long as its fun and not overdone, I see no problem with it.

  3. I disagree with your third suggestion for similar reasons as the second one. If all players could get all the art in one game, then it would exhaust this activity very rapidly and I don’t believe that is called for. Additionally, I worry that this suggestion would limit the payoff that FS will see from adding this feature.

  4. I just thought I’d add one more point. Different features are going to be popular with different people. Not everyone will like every feature and it’s important to realize that. It’s perfectly possible there may be a feature that you prefer added in the future that other people aren’t as keen on, and that’s ok for the game. It may even bring in new people who like that other feature. In the meantime, post more suggestions and ideas. More discourse is always a positive thing.


I don’t mind having to do maps ~10 times, it will happen quite naturally, so I don’t consider it a grind (as say 100 mission with a career)

I would like to know how many scraps are there in a map.

And most of all I would like to obtain Vermintide specific portraits not just random warhammer pictures. :frowning:

Say, getting the map loading pictures, with those cool colours and saltzpyre’s cool pic in it. That would be something my heroes would put in the keep instead


You can gather up to three pieces of scrap at a time. Full scraps every run = 10 games/map.

The art isn’t even new or interesting. It’s a carbon copy of the loading screen for the map.

Lazy, minimum viable content grind.


Only one player can pick up an art scrap? Are you sure?

Everyone can pick each piece up but have to do it themselves. They are also pingable/taggable and the ping doesn’t disappear because you pick the scrap up yourself. The scrap does however disappear on your own screen.


Thank you

Ahahah oh nonononono.
Fatshark style. Not that this was supposed to be included at launch, oh wait… Well at least it didn’t take a year or so… Huh…
Surprises me that they didn’t transform it into a 9,99 DLC. I mean fanboys would have bought it, three times, just to be sure.


To be fair. OP has a point.
The way I see these paintings is not as a challenge but more as a chore.
I just speedrun as handmaiden through each map on recruit and gather the pieces.
It’s a GRIND. It’s boring.

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On the threat of sounding condescending or otherwise annoying people, I’ll say that the problem isn’t so much in the implementation, but player attitude.

The scraps are found during runs whether you hunt them or not. Unless you (practically) always play in the Modded Realm, you will eventually get them all during normal gameplay, regardless of how much you try to challenge yourself. Besides, all they give is a few more things to show off in your Keep - things that everyone else has an equal chance of getting, that hardly anyone will look at after the first time, and that only adds a visual element without any effect on gameplay. They’re not important in any way.

In short, the ones making it a grind or a chore are yourselves, not the devs.


You know what? Let’s just remove any collection whatsoever and just have all the art in a big pile in the keep, then that’ll completely remove the grindy chore and all of the pictures can just be there to take.

IF you are moaning about something being grindy… maybe just don’t get so obsessed about getting all the things?

I mean really.


As someone who likes to 100% all of the games… it can be a barrier when certain achievements aren’t fun to earn/show with pride. Getting an achievement for “Killing a Rat-Ogre while airborne after performing a 360-no-scope at a distance of 100 meters” is kinda fun to strive for.

Let me be clear, though: I totally agree with you. I bring this on myself and recognize that wholeheartedly.

I also have another point: it’s okay to complain about certain achievements/earnable items, but they don’t really exist in most games. If the achievement is to party-wipe 200 times on Legend difficulty… well, that’s just a poorly made achievement. Not fun to earn, not fun to have earned. The paintings, though?

Enough said. I’m already playing to have fun. Paintings or no, doesn’t matter.

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You kinda have a point there. I don’t particularly like it or dislike it this time, but less, better art, given as reward for real challenges would have been better (part of which might have been a treasure hunt as the bottles in the blight reaper map. i know many people disliked it but for me it was kinda fun to do it once).
I think the new weekly mutators could be an examle. I consider a challenge anything that makes me play through a map (or part of a map) differently than i would otherwise.

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