Vermintide 2 grind

This is a complete joke. 13 maps to get your armor and then 87 more to get helmet? Missions in this game take roughly 30 mins per game if you’re doing a real run and not some stupid speedrunning. 50 missions would be more than enough. Who at fatshark thought this was a good idea? I’m not understanding any of your current choices. Xbox port over improving pc, no dedicated servers, no keep improvements, red dupes, getting same red over and over and over when its the only one you have!!! etcetera.

Maybe focus on improving your game and making smart & fun gameplay choices instead of porting your game to xbox? You already sold us the product before it was finished and now you’re trying to do the same thing on xbox.


It seems reasonable to me. They shouldn’t lower the bar on everything just because some don’t want to put in the time.

That said, I don’t really have a horse in the cosmetic race. If it was something that affects gameplay then I’d be more opposed to bar lowering.


Seems easy enough to hit just playing the game and doing random missions for fun. You don’t even have to do anything special. Having a hard time seeing the problem here.


Lazily implemented “challenge” that’s nothing more than to encourage more grindy busywork for the player.


Yup, setting these hats as a goal is just going to make you frustrated. Even though it is difficult not too, given the current laughable state of cosmetics. Personally, I’ve gotten one hat for a career I don’t play from almost 600 hours, I mean what a joke.

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This is fine. Just play some more of you want the hat. It’s just a cosmetic anyway so not real value in it.


They pretty much admit that the game is all about the grind. None of the “challenges” are pretty well thought through or designed, it’s just “hurr durr play 100 missions” “hurr durr jump some burning hoops for an emperor’s vault”. I don’t know, challenges should be… challenging. Playing 100 maps isn’t challenging, it’s just a matter of time. Kiting chaos warriors through the RS finale or carrying barrels on EiF isn’t challenging either, it’s random and tedious. The Skittergate one is about the only one that’s kinda fitting, but keeping Deathrattler alive as long as possible to avoid Rasknitt spellspamming and elite-adds spawning kinda is the way you should approach the boss, anyhow and it kinda makes the encounter… less challenging :wink:


Get this kid a participation trophy.


Which grinding 100 missions KINDA is, you know?


100 wins on 1 career - is madness if you don’t main 1-2 careers, and play a set of 6-8 careers like me.

Might as well forget about the whole thing, like these hats don’t exist. What purpose these challenges will serve then? Nothing.

Instead they could make all hats x3-x5 times more accessible for a start, and we could enjoy an element of the game…the customizing your characters. The game doesn’t consist only of mechanical gameplay you know, even if you personally don’t see any fun/value in “dress-game”, many ppl like it.


well actually you dont even see the helm while playing so why care?

It’s not in any way reasonable. Without speedrunning I’d say most maps average around 30 minutes, perhaps it’s 25 but let’s just do some quick math on 30 minutes shall we. 87*30=2610 minutes/60=43,5 HOURS.

43,5 hours to get your helmet after you finished the 13 legendary maps or champion (whichever it is) for just ONE career. Some careers can speedrun maps but not all.

The game is good enough without enforcing these insane grinds of red duplicates and 100 missions for one careers helmet. I would prefer if they didn’t even add this challenge in, adding it in and asking for 100 mission is a giant middle finger imo. It’s clear they didn’t think it through of how long it actually takes to do this on multiple careers you like. How much of the playerbase spends hundreds of hours on this game? Less than 10% I’m sure. In vt1 it was basically the same 1k players over and over.

Grinding in this game isn’t impressive, it’s just something people who enjoy the game do. Casual players need a reason to stick around besides gameplay and this grind isn’t it. At this point in time (300 hours of vt2 I had half of all the reds in game in vt1) in vt2 now I have 1 on kruber, 0 on bardin, 4 on elf (3 dual daggers), 3 on saltpyre (all normal crossbow), 0 on sienna. How is this encouraging? It’s NOT. Vt1 didn’t have red dupes when I started playing it why did vt2 have from the start? Who made this decision and why was it approved? It’s obvious to anyone with a logical thought process that the current implementation is horrible.


Still not the end of the world™.

The dumbest part that really makes it clear it’s just a meaningless grind is that they only require champion clears… of any map… like… tf… Just zero skill involved and anyone can spam grain ad nauseum.

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I still maintain that deeds should contribute to unlocking any and all cosmetics OR you should be able to buy them with scrap/weapon part etc.

rubbishy bardin hat with the eyebrowns removed requires 10 recruit (or above)deeds to unlock.

Quite cool Kruber tri-plumed helmet needs 30 deeds at veteran or above.

Amazing hat requires 50 champion deeds to unlock

“God-damn that hats so good I’m crying” requires 100 deeds at legendary to unlock.

Same could be done for red illusions, and better costumes etc.

If someone turns up in my group with amazing armour, hat, runic weapons and some kind of particle effect I’d think “Blimey, that guy’s got some skill he’s completed 150 legendary deeds to get that!” Rather than “That guy might be crap but he got some good skins from a chest by pure fluke.”

I like the idea but those numbers are a bit excessive. It’s still just a cosmetic. Shouldn’t take 50+ hrs to get something. Should be like… one challenging deed for a good cosmetic so when people have it everyone knows they actually earned it. Or, they should be super easy to get because other games don’t make ppl grind for thousands of hours to modify their character.

DCUO is an example of a game that does cosmetics right. PoE does a pretty good job too. Basically every other game does cosmetics better than VT.

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Better give up on the grind if you’re not enjoying the game anymore. I’ll get my skins eventually. Don’t care if it’s 6 months or a whole year from now. It’s all about smashing rats.

I am still enjoying the game. What I don’t enjoy is playing a class 100 times over to get a helmet when I got the armor 87 missions ago. Repeat that on 14 other classes and you can see why it’s extreme overkill to require 100 missions per class for one helmet.

To be fair, the 100 clear hats look like crap anyway. At least all the ones I unlocked do… The only one that looks decent is the unchaineds 100 clear hat.

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