Vermintide 2 grind

disagree completely , i think there should be more for 500 and 1000 even if only 0.001% ever get them .

there are plenty of cosmetics about (thier rarity is another debate) it does no harm to have a few that are actually hard or take time to reach.

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Say that to a warframe player lmao.
It’s a fact of gaming that some people LOVE fashion for end games. “I wanna look like the bad ass edgy elf with a big shiny bow and blah blah blah”
What we got was extremely bland weapons, skins, and hats… for 8 times the effort any other game asks.

They were so close to making this game amazing… but to much effort went into what’s feels like a wasted Loot rework and challenges. I want my bounty board back.


armors are only recolors
not worth the grind
helmet are ok if they appear in chests

I don’t care about cosmetics
I care less if it takes this ridiculous grind
I play the game because I like it and to have fun, not to grind houndreds of hours for a recolor

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