Loot rat and grims

I made a somewhat lengthy post detailing some ideas I had on how to improve the game earlier.
One of the things I thought needed a look at was the lack of incentive the loot rat/sack rat gives the players for chasing it. At most it gives 2 loot dies which is nice and all but absolutely not worth the risk of chasing through enemy ranks on legend. Why not scale the loot to the different difficulties so players will have that incentive of chasing it down. I’m thinking in the lines of special gear only found via the loot rat. maybe cosmetics even. Just something that would make the chase and risk of party death worth it. I got a ton of ideas on what the rat could contain. FATSHARK just ask and I’ll provide.

Secondly I was thinking of something similar regarding the tomes and grims where there could be more grims or other collectable items, which in some way or another decreases the partyes survivability to the point where if you collect them all, winning would be extremely hard even on recruit but again the rewards are worth it in terms of special loot. or more specifically the chance of special loot.

Tell me what you think?

Im always down for more collectibles/pickups like grims/tomes :smiley: maybe somthing that takes up bomb slot, or disables ranged weapons for remainder of mission but rewards xp/boxes with % chances of cosmetics.

Also nothing is worse than solo chasing a loot rat forever, just to have it either jump a wall and vanish, or die and drop an aid kit as you are surrounded and murdered :stuck_out_tongue:

The chance to get a loot die and some health sounds good already considering killing the loot rat is as hard as hitting 1-2 good shots.

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