Random ideas on how to improve and keeping it interesting

1: Remove the level cap and from 30 upwards give the user multible choices to say either upgrade health, stamina regen, ranolds luck etc with tiny advances. Something like 0.5 % of original stat or maybe something even more basic as 1 or 2 hp etc. It would make the grind so much more rewarding knowing that if you just keep grinding there IS a price at the end of it. Eventually there would be players with god like characters. To combat this difficulties could be implemented only for the hardcore players
A level 100 would be a bit tougher than a lvl 30 but not much and to get to the god mode point it would take a huge amount of play time. Something most would never archive.

2: Hardcore mode. You die youre dead. Personally I would only play this format. One loosing now means something as does every action and choice you make in a game. This mode would push players to cooperate as a team and in most cases jockeys wouldn’t even join them. True teamplay would come onto play and the game enter a new state with far more excitement.

3: As far as im aware off Loot rats only drop off basic items and the occational loot die which really isnt than exciting. It’s deffinantly not something worth charging through enemies with the chance of dying for. But what if it was. Make the loot rat into something worth charging towards. Give it loot that cannot be found anywhere. this could be cosmetic plans or unique weapon plans that can only be used one. Small pieces of a larger map that togehter could form a completely new map which could only be entered through a hidden passage on one of the previous maps. So that only once all the pieces of the map has been put togehter the entrance can be found. Again this would make the grind rewarding and exciting. the maps could also show small hidden openings, that again only open up with the map and inside that opening could be a chest etc.
I my point of view, the loot rat should still be a rare sight and the chance of it dropping these items should be fairly low as should the chance of getting unique loot in the hidden treasure chests from the maps.
There could be structures on the different maps that would require keys only found off loot rats. These structures could contain information to a huge puzzle that players could try and solve. Once solves something exciting could happen. Maybe a pathway to a dungeons containing the mystic artifact of gurgle once thought lost after a battle etc. Or maybe just a chest containing further clues.
This game would be the game of the ages and fatshark would be gods.

4: Even though the keep opens up on its own with new pathways etc, which i nice btw, I wouldn’t mind the possibility to have a ton load of decorative options which could be either crafted or bought with ingame currency. The loot rat could again come into play with the possibility to give off coins which could then be used. Implement a shop inside the keep or maybe outside the keep. Make the shop into a small market of shops where players can go to and buy these kind of things. And then make the area an open area so everyone could see everyone and maybe interact.

5: Arena. Arena option where a team enters an arena to fight against a player determined number of hordes consisting of harder and harder enemies. Depending on the number of hordes, which the players choose, the more chance there will be exclusive loot. Exclusive loot should still be very hard to uptain bordering to the extreme and maybe the arena option could only be for hardcore players.

6: Detailed overview of stats. Crit chance, hp, armor, dmg etc etc. I really feel like this is a must if we are to have any real chance of creating THE hero we want with the right items etc. As of now I have no clue what my crit chance is etc. This is actually something that annoys me and isnt something that I would suspect to not be there.

  • These are some of the ideas that have come to mind during my time with VT2.
    implementing these ideas would require time, effort and money from the devs. so in the name of fairness I think these could work execelent as a DLC.

What you think ?

  1. no. it’s not a game like diablo or dragon age inquisition multiplayer where it’s designed to keep rewarding you through sheer time spent playing. what this means at the end of a year or two, will be that there’s a HUGE divide between the long time players vs newbie players, and the new players will NEVER be able to catch up with the grind.

the current game design rewards quality play. the more emp vaults from legend mode u get, the faster you will get your red weapons (if that is your end game)

  1. we have deeds currently for this. but yea, if you run out of deeds, no more instant death mode.

  2. i think the sackrat mechanic is a really fun aspect of the game, great idea imo!

  3. i’ve always wanted more cosmetic options, but it seems most people are against the idea of making it a dress up game

  4. they used to have last stand option in v1, like an arena, i think it didn’t do very well overall and they scrapped the idea for v2 i think.

  5. i believe the game design is meant to be intuitive not stat based, but there’s many many threads out there requesting more information.

I wonder why ppl are so against reward vs time.
Why must this game be a one sided dice instead of 3.
Reds have close to 0 impact, but yet we play for them so I get what OP is saying.

i’m not against it, the argument of the first point is that there is a lasting impact on incremental level rewards which will hurt the game in the long run because new players cannot catch up.

a good reward vs time system would be the contracts daily quests, where you can collect badges towards a specific red item like in v1. if you play the game enough, you’ll eventually get enough badges to collect that red item that will take u maybe ten days. in that system, a newcomer would still be able to use orange items to be as effective as them if they are really skilled, as opposed to having a level 1000 player having 200 additional hp or power.

1: Since its a PVE and not a PVP it doesnt matter if they can catch up or not and even it were a PVP the difference wouldnt be particular big in most cases. Grinding for cosmetics as that is all there really is left to do in the end, simply isnt rewarding enough. Not for me anyways. the first 30 levels are a joy bcs it has an actual impact on the game.

2: I actually ment hardcore as in the players character progress is reset to 0 on the particular character who died in the run.

Sorry, but it does. As long as you play with other people, what you do, and what your character does, affects other people. There are already complaints of Beamstaff-Pyros breezing through Legend while others are reduced to watching her back. Too much power difference makes the game boring for the beginners, and if balanced for the enhanced characters, too difficult for them too. And if balanced on non-optimized and non-enhanced characters, the enhanced ones’ players may find the game too easy.

And complete hardcore mode would be too harsh, forcing regrinding for another bunch of hours. I highly doubt there would be enough players for that to be officially implemented.

This is your real point. This is your personal opinion, not everyone else’s. If you feel you need mechanical advancement to keep interested in the game, so be it. Quite of a lot of us picked VT up for the experience of not being all-powerful hack-and-slash machines, instead preferring cooperation and our own skills. Those are where the real advancement in this game happens.

So my advice is, instead of trying to persuade the devs to turn this into infinite-grind MMORPG, practice, try new playstyles, make your own fun. The only one forcing you to keep coming back if you don’t feel like it is yourself. Oh, and like for many others, wait for mods and DLCs. Those are sure to bring some reasons to return to the game.

On your original post: Yes, something more could be done with loot rats, but one thing is supposed to be weighing whether you need those (potential) resources more than the risk is worth. Extra crafting materials would be nice, but I don’t want new maps to be opened on the whim of Ranald. He’s already involved enough.

Keep decorations are coming, but in what form, I don’t know. There are empty picture frames waiting, and several doors just waiting to be opened.

Arena mode existed in VT1 as Last Stand, it might still come back. I vaguely remember the devs speaking of that in one stream or another, possibly the release one. Let’s keep hoping.

And finally, yes, more accurate information of our capabilities would be appreciated. I’m not for complete transparency in-game, as I dislike turning things into optimization game, but some accurate general info and numbers would be good. Making the training dummies better would be a good start. On that note, people have already researched quite a lot of the numbers behind everything. Look around the forum, Reddit and Wiki for the number-crunching.

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