[NEW SPECIAL IDEA] "Pickpocket"

This would be a rat that would try to sneak up on the players.

If it can see the players looking at it, it disappears shortly after (like the gutter runner)

If it gets close enough to the player, instead of attacking, it steals an item. Perhaps potions, perhaps books or grims, perhaps even ammo.

Stolen items can be retrieved either by killing the pickpocket, or later in the sack of the loot rat(if any spawn)


Unless there was a reliable way of recovering them, stealing Tomes and Grimoires would be a bit much. Otherwise, an interesting (and suitably annoying) idea.


Agree, maybe if after being pickpocketed you could try to kill the pickpocket rat before he ran away. They could probably incorporate it as additional behavior for the sack rats!

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I’d rather they fix the specials they already have before adding new ones.

I get it for the sake of farming, you want them to be reliably gettable, but these are supposed to be like artifacts, I would assume that actually getting to the end with them should not necessarily be guaranteed.

To me, that makes it more exciting.

Heres a great compromise, how about they don’t steal tomes until champion and they don’t steal grims until legend?

sounds cool but think its bad with special and bosses along with Hordes spawning in legend at the being getting of the start and now we to have fight rat that steals are grims I feel it bad already when people are still not guarantee a legendary weapon at the end even it they do get a emperor chest but if they do add it that rat better drop more artifacts with the ones he took.

but great idea

hahah i like this idea!

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Not with vanished but if visual

Maybe steal items or ammo, not books otherwise 100% on board.

Ps: bad idea what if there was a rare one that stole your ranged weapon and attacked you with it until killed and you get it back. If ledged it would drop at the ledge. Same with out of bounds. Terrible idea but entertaining to think about

I would loose my s**t if a rat stole a grim from me


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No books, those are supposed to be a deliberate increase in difficulty for an increase in loot. Don’t make it subject to NPCs.

Otherwise, brilliant, basically it’s the Thief Bot from Descent 2, I loved to hate that guy

Cool idea, although I suppose it would need to be pretty fast in order to get in close to the player and escape retribution. :slight_smile:

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