Should loot rats drop ammo?

I’ve been playing deeds and twitch mode a lot recently and I think it would be a neat addition, particularly for deprivation deeds.

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I don’t see why not. Loot Rats should have a chance of dropping every item in the game, sans Tomes and Grimoires.


This has occurred to me too, but as usual, I’ve been too lazy to put up a topic for a single thing.

Then again, I’ve also thought that if Sack Rats dropped full ammo pouches, it could trivialize ammo gain at least partially, especially on Twitch mode. Ammunition is supposed to be a mostly limited resource (though some Careers still can produce infinite ammo, effectively or actually), and adding more ammo gain would obviously reduce that limitation (well, at least for the non-ranged specialists). I find it trivial enough already.

On the other hand, having a resource that is normally a random occurrence that’s suddenly absent from a usual source is strange. Thus, I think that special ammo pouches, akin to Bardin’s enhanced Survivalist stashes, could do the trick. Let them fill up 30 or 50 % of max ammo. Maybe even the normal ones could be toned down.

While it’s slightly off-topic, it still skirts the opening post, so: I also happen to think that Deprivation should indeed lose all random resources from the map, including Sack Rats. While they appear rarely enough in normal runs to not be worth trusting, on Twitch mode (or worse, hypertwitch) they end up making most of the modifier irrelevant.

I think ammo as a whole just needs to get a rework, though I am probably not the first to say this.

Fix some of the “infinite ammo” problems that happen due to a combination of certain careers and traits, and add different ammo pouches (smaller ones that only refill 50% ammo, but spawns more frequently, and then the bigger ones that refill 100% ammo but spawn more rarely, whilst still keeping the infinite ammo crates).

I almost think there should even be an ammo item you can carry around (in the bomb slot I guess?) so you only have to use it when you need it, rather than always having to pick up ammo even if you don’t need it at the moment. It could either be like a Healing Draught, where you activate it and it instantly restores ammo, or like Healing Supplies where you have to due a small channel, or it could even deploy a small ammo supply on the ground that everyone on your team can pick from once and then it’s used up.

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