[Patch 3.3] Bots will take ammo pouches even if there is a player at low ammo and not ordered to by chat wheel

While this works great with ammunition crates, it seems to have introduced a bug where bots will now treat ammunition pouches (which are consumed after pickup) the same way. The bots will now take ammo pouches even if not ordered to by chat wheel. Happened to me multiple times already - I’m at 1 ammo left, and a bot that still has a lot of ammo will steal the ammo pouch before I can pick it up. Can this behavior be reverted, or at least have the bots check if there is no human player with low ammo before picking ammo pouches up?


This, should be.

Let them act more like a human player :wink:

You mean pepper the back of my head with fireballs while I’m fighting?

When I had only 1 ammo, suddenly, one of my bots rushed to ammunition pouch and took it. I was so embarrassed and started to run for taking ammunition before bots steal it. lol


Poor ranger veteran :’(

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This is very annoying, leaving me with no ammo, often!!! They should automatically get ammo at crates, but not take pouches unless told to do so.

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laughs in ranger veteran

Finally the community knows what it feels like to have to fight over ammo pouches. Rv rework, when?

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