Bots never pick up ammo!

Bots just don’t pick up ammo. Ever. Once they run out I have 0 ranged support in a solo match. Is this intentional?

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I’ve never seen them pick up the 1-use ammo pouches, but they do refill at the ammo crates.

Maybe their orange bars aren’t registering, but with no amount of pinging can I get them to get ammo from crates either

Odd. I know when they’ve taken ammo because their bars refill when they do.
How close do you stand to the crates?

Pretty much on them, or all around them, highlight them, etc

Odd, mine usually refil instantly at the crates once they’re next to it, though sometimes they’ll wait until we start moving on before they refil (like they seem to do with potions).

How often are they using their ranged weapons after they have “missed” their chance to refil?

Never. Once their orange bar is empty I never see them use any ranged attacks. Can get very rough soloing later in levels

They also don’t pick up tomes, which would be very useful when a player with one dies and respawns in a place you cannot come back to pick the tome up

Wrong, they do pick up tomes, but not grims yet, they’re working on it. I know this post is back in March but I wanna get this information out there unless not already known.

Tomes don’t help the players, ammo does. having the bots save the healing slot of healing items they can use on the player is better than them lugging tomes around.

So now the bots pick up ammo automatically, leaving me with none…Stupidest thing ever!!! Just tell them to pick up ammo when they are yellow, easy.

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