Bots vs Ammo

There are some issues with bots and how they behave around ammuntion boxes after patch 3.3.
From now on bots do pick up ammo more frequently, but they tend to get stuck when unable to reach a certain ammunition box.
This happens to me every time I come close to ammo box that requires approach more difficult than plain walking.
Step to reproduce:

  1. Play with bots.
  2. Find the ammunition box that bots can’t reach.
  3. Watch them standing still.

Here are some videos.

  1. Garden of Morr. This is where I experienced this buf in first place. Bardin and Kruber stood there and did nothing allowing beastmen to surround them. Sienna followed me as usual until I jumped on the sarcofagus, however. Good thing is that they got unstuck if you walk away far enough.
  2. Righteous Stand. Kruber and Saltzpyre tried to get some from the box behind the gates and ignores enemies nearby which led to them being damaged. And they still don’t pick up the ammo.
  3. Righteous Stand. It was not stated in patch description, but bots pick up ammo pouches by themselves now. A welcome discovery, but I think it’s still a bug.
  4. Righteous Stand. Ammunition box near 2nd grimoire is completely ignored by bots and doesn’t affect their movement.

P.S. It’s off topic but I have no idea how to embed youtube videos into forum posts. Can anyone, please, tell me how to do that?
Thank you.

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