Could Bots Pickup single ammunition

It’d be great if the bots would pick up the single ammo piles when they’re out or running low. While it might be a tad frustrating if you’re playing someone with ammo needs, when playing Sienna or Slayer Bardin it’s just frustrating to go past piles and piles of ammo the bots, who are often out or nearly out of ammo, won’t touch.

Even when I play as Kerillian it’d be nice to have the bots pick up ammo if they’re out. I feel like a lot of the time I’m just shrugging and saying “Well, I’m down 2 arrows so I might as well…” even though Kruber’s nearly out and Bardin’s been out for five minutes.

Is there a way for them to pick up ammo drops, say if you’re full or nearly full (or hell playing someone who doesn’t use ammo!) and they’re out? There’s some sort of prioritization in place for healing items so it would be nice to have bots pick up ammo too. (Also, as a side note, I actually like the fact the bots run out of ammo. Unlimited ammo bots always felt cheesy to me.)