Bots and Pickups Fatshark?

1: Will you fix the Bots so we (the players) can control what the pickup, when to use pots (through keybindings or a hud-control-whell feature etc.)?

2: If you don’t and wait for the Modders (like in V1) is it considered cheating to use a mod?
I’m not really sure it is since you guys support mods

… I’m running Champion runs with Bots and on some maps I can get 3 Tomes and 1 Grim.
To get 3 Tomes a use ALOT of time just shooting my bots in the face untill the heal up and pick up the tome again. But it pretty much only works on ammo-regen chars like Kerillian and Bardin with drakefires. Guess Sienna could do it to. Just feels bad (and wrong) to just satnding there shooting your bots in the face all day long

Or try to run waaay past the healing drops so they wont drop the tomes and pick up the healing.

Ps. Besides that keep on trucking. Your game is fun and a worthy 2nd to V1 /thumbs up

I’m hoping when they add mod support we’ll have access to things such as this. But we yet to really know what mods for this game are intended to be.