Fatshark, will this mod get sanctioned?

Dear Fatshark, I was planning to write a mod that improves bots’ logic, making them less of a headache. However I have no intention spending my time doing so if it is not going to get sanctioned. So I would like to inquire in advance from the developers themselves whether the following tweaks would be allowed in a sanctioned mod?

  1. Bots don’t waste first half of their ammo on trash. Explanation: It is incredibly stupid to see bots waste ammo on clan rats or raiders as long as they have more than half of it. As soon as they reach 50% ammo threshold, they suddenly realize that ammo is a resource that is better reserved for specials. I am planning to eliminate this stupid logic.

  2. Bots don’t swap tomes for heals if they picked up a tome out of their own volition, i.e. weren’t ordered to do so. Explanation: If bots are ordered to pick up a tome, then they will hold it no matter what, which is a good thing. However if a bot picked up a tome before you get to order them to do so, you have to always constanly keep an eye out for that bot, since it will instanly swap it with a healing item as soon as one is in their vicinity. Then it is a headache to go and search where they left the tome. Even worse if you happened to drop down to next area. I am planning to make those tomes sticky, so that only players can order bots to take healing instead of tome.

  3. Bots don’t heal Zealots, unless zealot asks them to. It goes without saying how annoying it is when a zealot with 10 green hp and 170 white hp gets patched up by a bot. Not only the zealot loses all his buffs alongside the temp hp that he build up, but a healing supply gets wasted as well. I am planning to add a command to bot to heal the player who asks for it, just like you order a bot to drop a grim, i.e. via the command wheel.

  4. Speaking about bots dropping grims: Demand chat confirmation when ordering bots to drop grims. Explanation: It happened to me multiple times. You see an ammo supply and decide to order all bots to pick up the ammo from it, since sometimes they won’t do that by themselves. But when you want to do that for bardin things get messy: Bardin is at 12 o’clock on the chat wheel, and so is Drop Grimoire command. So what happens when Bardin bot quitely approaches you from behind and gets too close? You accidentally hit Drop Grimoire when you intended to just order Bardin to get the ammo. I am planning to add a confirmation message in chat whenever a bot is ordered to drop a grim. Whoever ordered it would simpy have to type yes in chat right after confirmation message within reasonable timeout. I believe this would prevent many accidental drop grim commands.

Needless to say, all of those options will be independent, so users will be able to turn each option on or off in mod settings.


I mean, even if it doesn’t get sanctioned, people can still use it on the modded realm, so your efforts won’t go completely to waste.

I personally don’t play on modded server often, so I will have little motivation to pursue the mod if it doesn’t have a chance of getting sanctioned.

If you don’t want to invest time in this. Just ask this guy who already has a Bot mod whitelisted to add in those features. Maybe he can pull it off?


He just updated it yesterday I think and it’s working agian.


I mean the issue is still the same. Will those tweaks get whitelisted if implemented properly? Once we have a definitive answer, then we can elaborate on implementation.

Besides, there is a suggestions thread in the mod’s workshop page, but author has not provided any feedback. So why bother someone else if I can do it myself.

Come on, Fatshark, silence is deafening. No wonder no new mods have been sanctioned for half a year now

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again

Asking the maker of the mod that Smoker referenced would probably be best. The reason being is because that mod is already white-listed(as he stated) and given how long it’s been since FS sanctioned another wave of mods, you’d be rolling the dice on when the next sanction wave may come. You could also try using @[Insert Fatshark Dev] to get attention or try a direct message. Discord is also another option. Or asking other modders what their take on it is.

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QoL mods, hell, even just sancitoning mods clearly isn’t anywhere near the top list of priorities.

Discord server of elitists’ been appeased somewhat at least with WoM being dedicated to a desire to boast over the rest of us plebs who play a coop based game for coop or its setting, so maybe we’ll actually see some interesting content in 6 months. (pfff)


It should be noted that the mod that is sanctioned needed to be tweaked to tone down the bots a bit, at least I believe so based on how it originally performed on the modded realm compared to when it made it to live. FS doesn’t want bots to be too capable.
That said, the additions you proposed seem more like QoL improvements that address annoying little behaviors rather than performance. So I’d assume they would be acceptable.