Advanced Bot Control

First of all: Thanks Fatshark for a great game that gave me a lot of funny and enjoyable ingame moments so far. Keep up the good work!

Now lets get into the topic
I understand that this game is about Coop and interaction with other players and bots are not the number one priority. However its nice to play with bots after you had some unlucky games with random players where you wipe in sometimes funny and sometimes annoying ways. With bots you just know what you get.

The big disadvantage however is the lack of interaction you can have with the bots.
With players you can easily communicate: “Hey dwarf, heal up” “Pick up that tome” “Elf plz snipe the specials fast…” etc.

Especially the lack of pickup control bothers me. I’d love to see a small system implemented which could look like this.

Give us a chance to select a specific Charakter via the buttons F1, F2, F3
Implement a button for “Bot Interaction” and “Bot Heal”

So this way you can still tag the Warpfire Thrower as before but you can select F3 + “Bot interaction” to order Kerillian to take it down as first priority.
Additionally you can tell one of your bots to use his healing potion with the button “Bot Heal” and then use “Bot Interaction” on a Tome.

That way you can get a lot more out of your runs with bots i believe and always have a plan B when todays random groups have frustrated one too much.

Maybe there are ways to simplify it even more. Let me know what you all think.

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I like this idea… make each bot a number F1-5 if you highlight something and hit their number it’s their number one priority. then if nothing is highlighted and you hit their number have it so the next number you hit they heal that person or give that person the item.

I like this Idea too, and would also like to add an option that allows you to choose your bots before starting a mission.

Especially, when I play with 2 friends. Let’s say Kruber, Sienna, Saltpyre. ATM my Kerillian is the highest leveled up character, so she will join, but I would like to take Brandim with us.
I need to level Brandim higher as Kerillian, that he joins instead of Kerillian.

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