[Suggestion] Commands with a priority system for bots

First than all apologizes for my rusty english.

It could be nice to have some kind of commands for the bots.

This way people who like to play solo will have the possibility to take all the tomes and grimoires too, without been forced to play with other players.
It will add a strategy component to the matchs making the solo game funnier.

So, this will be simple commands with a priority system for bots:
Pick up / Keep / Drop / Heal …

Thanks and congratulations for this awesome game and desings!

Or make them actually pick up things you ping. Right now they pick up tomes only if the heal slot is empty.

I think that the QoL mod for VT1 did this in an easy to manage way.
Something like this would work for me:

  • Just ping an item if you want a bot to take it, if one bot already have that item type another bot will take it.
  • Make it possible to make them not pick up anything at all.
  • Take heals and manage the healing yourself if you want control over those.

One of the things I always loved about vermintide is the lack of a large amount of special key bindings so having all of bot control at the same key as ping is preferable even if it lacks some fine grained control.

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