Tagging a book should force bots to collect and keep them

Some of the weekly quests are frankly silly when only 1 tome per mission is likely due to solo play, i mean 24 runs in a week is probably doable right now but when the game sinks into a more casual level for me or the rewards get nerfed, it’s going to probably just get abandoned and deemed a waste of time, not to mention the post mission loot box being so underwhelming because of the bots only rarely ending up taking and keeping tomes,

Social wheel with the item in your crosshair - You can then command the bot to pick it up.

If a bot picks up a item they have been “commanded” to to pick up from the social wheel they will not drop it unless social wheel commanded to pick something up

Sometimes bots will pick up a book on their own WITHOUT social wheel command under the following conditions

  1. They are close to it and have slot 3 empty
  2. You have slot 3 already filled by another item

However if they pick up a book prior to you commanding them to do so with the social wheel they can and will drop the book if they are close to a higher “priority” slot 3 item, and yes silly enough both healing potion and healing kit are “higher priority” to bot AI

Personally I hope they change Tome to be higher priority than Healing kit and healing potion, to prevent bots from dropping a Tome they pickup that is not locked to them via a social wheel command, but its small QL change so either way it doesn’t matter too much


Oh, well now i feel bad, thanks for telling me, though i would argue that if your playing solo it would still be handy to be able to just tag it real quick and have it assume max priority,

Maybe a bit too handy? Since bots can’t reach certain book spots they rely on Harry Potter spells to move unreachable items to their inventory.

This way you could just ping books from a distance and bypass the parkour/detour required for human players.

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Agreed ^^^, Im happy with the current system. Ping collect would open up a world of skips.

Ping collect would also be an issue if you’re, for example, pinging a book to see it better, or to ping it for another player. The bot would go grab it when all you wanted was to highlight it. The social wheel works better imo. It also forces you to go and do the same jump puzzle that a player would have to do to get it, since you can only social wheel it if you’re already in grabbing distance. If you can social wheel it, you can grab it, which is a nice way of balancing the whole thing.


IMO the fix would be like the option for grimoir, but inversed: bot picks up tome without your order, aim at bot, hold T, select “hang on to tome” and the bot will no longer drop it. Because that’s the only time I loose a tome, if a bot picked it up without my order and then drops it somewhere in the middle of a fight when I don’t notice

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