Bots still unable to pick up the 3rd tome on Athel Yenlui

Issue Summary:

The social wheel is a great boon, it works extremely well, and solves lots of unnecessary and frustrating problems, thank you for that :heart_eyes: But even with this, it seems it´s impossible to make the bots pick up the 3rd tome on Athel Yenlui, even using the social wheel. They just keep trying to jump there, failing like they always have.

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To devs - I’ve reported this bug before with a video example of it. But that thread was “archived”, so I can’t link to it, but hopefully you’ll be able to find it if you need a video of this.

They’re not completely unable to pick it up, as I’ve witnessed the bots grabbing it once or twice, but it is very unreliable. I’m guessing it’s (at least now) an interaction between pathfinding, actual capability of traversing that path, and those two interfering with the “pick up from anywhere” ability.

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Yeah, I played again today and they did pick up the tome somehow after us spending like 4 minutes there. But like you say, it is pretty unreliable/takes way too long.

Should be sorted in our next patch. The beta is coming soon!


O RLY? Do tell :wink:

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