Bots vs First Tome at Empire in Flames

Patch 3.4 added anither issue assosiated with bots. Now they can’t get first tome at Empire in Flames.
They could do it before the update but not anymore.
This happened to me every single time I’d played Empire in Flames with bots. Whole three times. Enough to form a regularity.
Here’s video of my patience running low:

Maybe related: yesterday me and some other random guy were unable to make either of the two bots to take the last tome on Hunger in the Dark (the one up on a ledge) - even when we all four of us were on that same ledge standing right on top of that tome.

When you pass a drop down, they normally will obtain it even without being on range of picking it up, I don’t wait around for them to grab it.

Yep. Waiting on Bots to pick something up after you commanded them is unnecessary. They might do it immediately, they might get stuck while trying to grab it, or just seem to ignore you, but after a while you will see the popup that a book was taken and the bot will teleport to your side.

Just keep progressing the map. There is no need to wait for them.

It worked perfectly before the Engineer update. Bots grabbed this tome as quickly as they could, but now they don’t. It’s broken, it’s a bug, it should be fixed. I stayed for that long (actually even longer, the video got corrupted) to show their behaviour.
The end.

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