Several places where bots have problems with books

Issue Summary: Now that the bots can be commanded to pick up Tomes and Grimoires, with the system that if they can’t get to the location they will still remotely pick it up, an issue has arisen. Probably because the bot’s pathfinding can find a theoretical route to the book, but for one reason or another it cannot execute that, it seems than in several locations the bots either cannot pick up the books at all, or take a very long time in applying the remote option.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have a bot in the party
  2. Command it to pick up certain books
  3. Wait.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%), in specific locations. Depending on the location, there seems to be either a long wait time for the bot to pick up its book, or it’s incapable of picking it at all.

At least some locations are:

  • The first tome in Festering Ground. The bot seems to get stuck at the jump, and has done so since the beginning.
  • The second Grim in Convocation of Decay. This is where there was simply a high delay, and the bot eventually picked up the grim after waiting for a minute or two - just before a player decided to finally pick it up.
  • The first Tome in Empire in Flames.
  • The last Tome in Hunger in the Dark.
  • The last Tome in Athel Yenlui. This is merely highly unreliable, as the bot attempts to get to the platform but usually fails the jump. From player perspective, it’s about luck.

I’d upload a log with a few of these, and the attempts to get a bot to the book, but it seems the file is just a bit too big (5594 KB, compared to the upload limit of 5120 KB).

There is also a related issue with the second Tome in Halescourge, described here.

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and the second Grimoire in Screaming Bell, my bots stack twice beside the carriage. (xbox one)

My runs there ended with about 10s until the bot took it. Maybe it´s a rare bug.

While bardin have to short legs for this jump, Sienna was able jump and picked up the tome first try. That´s maybe character - related or just luck? If you go back, you can reset the bots and give them a new try.

Can confirm that bots still cannot pick up first tome on Festering Ground map. They get terribly stuck on ledge and the only way to get them unstuck is to either drop all the way down to the first grim, jump across and then go down the ladder, or drop down and climb ladder then climb back down ladder. A lot of work just to get one book…

Yah this is still an issue, I just died at Athel Yenlui at the 3th tome, the bots got stuck and continued to jump obliviously while a boss and a horde spawned and killed me.

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