Pathing issue: Bots can't get the second grimoire in Festering Ground, and will die trying to do so

Bots can’t get to the second grim in Festering Ground. In this screenshot, I was playing with three bots and I’ve ordered Zealot bot through the chat wheel to get the grim. The bot can not find a path nor can he teleport to the grim (which is what bots usually do if they can’t find a path to a book). He fell down while attempting to do the jump. Once I revived him, he kept on trying to get to the grim, even if I was already at the third tome area. He got killed as he was left behind.

Related Mar. 2019 bug report: Bots cannot reach u on Festering Grounds second Grim

There are patching issues for bots and enemies preeyy much everywhere. I think someone made :spaghetti:.

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