Bots Won't take Books


in the beginning, bots did take books, now they ignore books, no way to make bots take books

what changed? why?
how to solve it?


Bots only take tomes if all non-bot players have the tome/healing item slot occupied, and they don’t have any healing, and there’s no healing to be around.

If you want to force a bot to carry a tome, get close to the tome (close enough that you can grab it), put your crosshair on it, and hold the social wheel button (default T), then order it to pick it up.

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Social wheel in Vermintide 1?

anyway, V1 needs mods for bots to take tomes, bots won’t take tomes without the mods

one file of the mod disappeared, I instealled it again and no it works


LMAO I didn’t even realize this was the V1 subforum, my bad, sorry.

I have played VT1 around its last year of development, bots wouldn’t take books. If you install QoL mod they’ll carry books. Hopefully Mod Support will come. It was promised 2 years ago, thought, so I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.


There is a mod called the Quality of Life Modpack, which was fused together and maintained by Grimalackt from many contributions on behalf of the community. The pack’s last update was in version 1.10 of the game, but it works fine in 1.11 as well. If you enable the bot improvements mod contained within, bots will be able to pick up both tomes and grimoires upon pinging. They can switch tomes around for healing supplies, but you won’t have the option of having them drop the grimoires.

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Wish they’d have bots carry books on Xbox Verm 1. Not a lot of randos join anymore, so basically you’re limited to one book and one grim.

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