Bugs: Bots and Sound loop. Some bugs and Ideas

Hello FS

Some recent oberservations during Full Bot Runs, Legend.

Besides that keep up the good work. The game is really fun but the Bot behaviour is still a bit of.
I really like we can “ping” the Items for the Bots.
IDEA: Maybe consider make the Bots use a healing item (even if they got one) if the Player pings it. Same goes for Potions. If the Player targets them through the “wheel” maybe add a drink potion option.

IDEA: and a Stick to Host/Follow me option in the Wheel as well. So we can control the bot team to some degree.


  • Still get stuck and get the team wiped by just standing still somewhere lagging around on the spot.
  • Have a really hard time using ranged on Fire Rats. they just run head long into the fire getting pushed back and get’s … well burned slowly to death.
  • Still chase Specials completly ignoring every thing else.
  • Kerillian shooting her Trueshot Volley after a Special and pulling a Patrol. It hurts on Legend and is damn annoying when you have found a nice hiding spot and watches them go bye … and then. “Elf War Cry!”
  • Still as issues picked up pinged items. Lets say: Tome 2 and Grim 1 in Back to Ubersreik: Horn of Magnus. It’s really hard pinging stuff in the middle of a jump. Maybe make there “pick-up-range” longer? It is all good that I have to jump climb up to the tome/grim. But the ones requiring mid-air pinging really sucks.

Sound loop:

  • Just had a 30 min sound loop in Empire in Flames, felt like they never stop spawning and I got drums enough for the entire weekend:)
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*There is a way to trick bots into healing themselves.

NOTE: The only way this works is if your healing slot is filled so try to avoid taking as much damage as possible.

-Have a healing draught or medkit in your healing slot
-Make the bots pick up all of the tomes
-Have bot who is low on health to switch out tome for healing draught
-Bot will now heal because you have a healing item in your slot
-Bot will now pick up tome

*For the warpfire flamers, tag them then dodge backwards and shoot them. You will avoid taking damage as they do not move while shooting.

*For ratling gunners, dodge away repeatedly until you can hide behind an obstacle. The bots will teleport to you instead of chasing them down.

*Do not use Keri bot. She is the worst. She either pulls patrols or dies frequently.

*Horn of Magnus: 2nd tome - look up when jumping in order to ping it for bots // 1st grim - climb the stairs and drop down and slide along the wall as if you are going to pick it up, then tag and ping for bots (no jumping required)

For bots getting stuck, just continue moving forward. They will eventually teleport to you.

Pro tip: if a bot gets grabbed by a packmaster, leech, or pounced by an assassin, if you continue moving forward, they will teleport to you and that special disappears off the map. It happened in V1 and now happens in this game. I’ve reported it numerous times in the last year and they have yet to fix it.

Thanks for the reply, ShellaSunshine:-)

  • I do use the heal-on- low-health tome-trick. But leaving healing behind is annoying. Might aswell top all of before going on. I use heal-share taltents so sometimes I get my self damaged just to heal everyone.

  • Dodge backwards from firerats is a good idea. But I’m talking about Bots not using the ranged weapons and just keep on walking into the fire even though they got ammo and are normally very fast shooters.

  • Ratlings is of no bigger issues hey Bots handle them well enough at the moment.

  • I allways take Kerillian over Sienna as Bot . with a Glaive with +5% attack speed and Swift Slaying she is awesome. It’s her use of TrueShot that could use some work.

  • 2nd Tome: I’m have tried every thing but will give it another go.

  • 1st Grim: Stairs? I’m jumping from the old (V1 tome chest) - to the torch - and then jump and grab the Grim. Gotta go look for some stairs now:-)

  • I know they do teleport, I use that all the time when neede. Every map got it’s own “spawn points” it seems. It’s when they get stuck in a box or a ladder and wont come along or move that’s the issue, when I’m rying to move to a bottleneck to fight on.

Pro tip: Yeah - it seems to work sometimes. But moving so far in the middle of a swarm etc. normally ends up badly. Since the other Bots need constantly nursing to keep up.

Bot play is fun - I like the challenge its the odd or buggy behaviour I dont like. Suck to wipe to buggy mobs or bots.

Again thanks for your answers. Happy hunting :slight_smile:

/for the Heldenhammer

Nevermind - Did a perfet Ping-Jump-Wheel, Bot Pick up on the 1st Grim. And the same on the 2nd Tome. All is good. disregard my earlier comment.

Bots have to be a certain distance away from specials in order for them to shoot. If you ping the special and are far enough away from them, they will shoot at the special. Kruber with handgun and Saltz with single shot crossbow works against specials. If you have RV with you, let bots pick up ammo caches. Bots will shoot more after picking up any ammo including the tiny ammo caches that RV drop. I do not know why but when Krub bot picks up one bullet after being completely out, he will reload and shoot that bullet. I guess that is how they are programmed.

Also, heal share talent is a kind of a waste. Instead, take Merc bot with you, use 30% healing talent, and 30% boon of shallya and every time he ults, everyone gets massive amounts of THP. Use 30% boon of shallya on yourself and bots.

Bots I use on Legend are Merc, RV, and WHC because Keri and Sienna bot die so frequently. They do not seem to want to switch to melee to block and they run around with their ranged weapon out even if they don’t use it :woman_facepalming:

To move forward during horde, drink speed pot and run like the wind until the bots catch up to you. It’s the best way to save a bot from immediate death from a deadly disabler special during horde.

My apologies about the grim suggestion. For some weird reason I was thinking of the 2nd one lol

I haven’t played in a while because devs refuse to fix bugs and optimize game. It runs like complete garbage.

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