Bots and ledges/cliffs


from time to time bots seem to be unable to walk properly, even without a RV providing Ale for the team. I’ve seen it happen on different locations but this was just too frustrating. Bardin-bot with grim manages to fall off a ledge without anything even remotely near him and with no possibility of us rescuing him:

I get that it is encouraged to play with other people but sometimes there are not enough around (this was a qp hosted by me with Areophany in the lobby before).

I also got the Bot Improvements - Combat mod. I don’t know if this could also be a cause for this behaviour.

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Looking at your kill feed, I can definetely tell that fire rat was behind this all.
Bots tend to avoid attacks of Ratling Gunners, Warpfire Throwers and Stormfiends and often go suicidal just for the sake of not getting hit.
I assume, since you’re Grail Knight, it took you long enough to kill the fire rat so it’d managed to launch fire long enough to trigger bots’ behaviour but not enough for the all to jump off the cliff. Bardin’s just the most eager to do this.
It’s a well known and, sadly, long present issue.
Though sometimes bots are being dummies running straight into fire. Sometimes they’re unstoppable gods who kill everything on sight. The rest of the time they’re like this, soaked through and miserable.
P.S. Let me give you some advice - if you’re playing as meelee class with bots and seeing yourself in situation like this, drop whatever you do and throw bomb at approaching special. Otherwise it may cost you all 3 bots and lost game.

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