The reason bots jump off cliffs?

The navmesh tells them its fine to walk there:

A few moments before I took this screenshot 2 of the 3 bots fell off the cliff at that exact point.

This isn’t an isolated incedent.

Every single place you’ve ever seen a bot just yeet themselves off a cliff, it probably looks the same.

I’m bored, so if Fatshark are happy with it i’ll use this post as a dump for these issues.

For anyone else, this is possible on the modded realm using hitbox debugger and turning on the navmesh.

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Pinnacle of Nightmares

A single polygon doesn’t seem to be enough to make them fall, spent a bit bouncing around at this area, they didn’t drop:

Yet, this one doesn’t overhang by mutch, only a pixel, yet badin fell off, as did I:

by fall through it, I mean it triggers the “hang on” animation.

There are a lot of areas with small overlap, these seems to be enough given time, for the bots to just jump off.
Oddly, only 1 fell off during the event, then after the event finished it turned into a carry on film.


Citadel of Eternity

off to a great start, literally right next to the spawn in.

and the rest wanted in on the action!

You’d think the lack of floor here would be an issue, thankfully there is collision over thin air. Prais invisible floors! but not walls! no herasy!

more invisible floor, I’ll document but its not causing an issue.

as above, I’ll just move on. there is a lot of invisible floor here, the navmesh seems as long as the invisible floor remains in place.

ok last one

if i intentionally fall off behind me, I hang at the correct place where the real floor is shown, not the invisible floor.

ok back to actual problems:

Kruber straight up fell through the floor, but hung on anyway

I literally watched him take a running jump at this ledge, not all issues are navmesh I guess. Bot AI is still… deficient.

Floor collision is lacking, I tried walking up the “raised lip” of the stairs, 3 bots followed.
This specific issue appears to be either an issue with floor collision on the left hand side of this ramp, or the fall trigger. None of the others cause this issue when walked in the same way, this one does it 100% of the time, and the bots are less prone to it than players. I’ve got a video, I’ll report as a separate bug.

Surprisingly few issues in the citadel.
Either a lot of work was already done to fix up the problem areas, or this variantion doesn’t have many issues present. It was a very short route.

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Cinder Peak

Looks like path to me

The top section of navmesh is viable floor, doesn’t trigger a fall, the lower one does. Bardin followed me and Kruber yeeted himself off the other side in a show of solidarity.

This is going great so far, Saltzpyre stood around and didn’t pick anyone up, then when the spirit turned up, he ignored that too, and ofc it grabbed him.

The Pit of Reflections

Won’t let you drop down to the lower area.
It should just deal fall damage, it wouldn’t be lethal.

Bots wouldn’t even pull me up.

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Legendary work. Good stuff OP!

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