Bots take a running jump off a cliff after too many players wish for it

Bots run off to melee a gas rat, after succeeding at this most important of all bot imperatives, they decide to just jump off a cliff.

I think this is Bel’sha’ziier’s Mine

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Feels like half the problems with bots start with a gasrat xd

It´s Foetid gorge^^

Bel sha ziirs mine is the one where the team jumps into a pit and start talking about not wanting to be a demon snack and needing to escape by using barrels to blow up a wall.


Certainly feels like their desire to run off and melee a special causes a whole lot of their problems.

Although I’ve got another 5+ videos of various locations that bots got stuck. So invisible walls and geometry issues are still a large factor.

Yup, I remember now. I just remember the area we jumped from had cart tracks, but after you said that I remember the rest of the layout and the difference.

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See, good example of how the bots are even smarter than we are.

In a 6,000 IQ calculation they determined that the fastest route to you was straight down, and used the ledge hang system to make the drop because they knew otherwise they would have taken fall damage.

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