Bots vs Height at Garden of Morr

I’ve managed to record another issue with bots.
The thing is that when you leave the very first crypt there’s a high cliff right at its exit. And if you stop near it, there’s a high chance (not 100%) that one of the bots yeets himself off it. It’s almost always Saltzpyre for me for whatever reason.
Also, I think it’s been in the game since Back to Ubersreik release.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Garden of Morr with bots.
  2. Exit the very first crypt.
  3. Stop at the cliff to admire the view.
  4. Watch one of the bots jump.

Here’s the video if instruction is unclear:


Well that’s one way to get stacks. I’ve seen this before in runs as well.

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