Bots vs Height at Garden of Morr After Patch 4.1

Hello again.
Earlier I’ve made a post about Garden of Morr spot where bots could yeet off. And today after patch 4.1 release I decided to check if it was truly fixed.

Assuming we’re talking about the same spot, it’s still here.
Bots still tend jump off the cliff at the beginning of Garden of Morr.
Here are two videos. I cheated a little bit and instead of playing the game normally simply walked up and down the stairs to get the result. Still not 100% guarantee, but it happens.

  1. - only after several attempts Kruber decides to jump.
  2. - got horde spawn while doing it. Saltzpyre decides to jump mid fight without me doing it on purpose.

So, if this was the spot that’d been fixed, it didn’t work. Still yeetable. Maybe, it’d be better to put some sort of fence there.

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