Bot pathing on Garden of Morr Finale

Are there any plans at all to address this? Full book runs with bots are virtually impossible on this map and have been for a long time because no matter which path you decide to take for the chains, you almost always end up with at least one bot getting stuck in the goo and dying.


I confirm.
Bots shouldn’t take damage at all from poisoned water. :radioactive:
Moreover, the developers have already fixed the damage to bots from falling from a height - the second step should be taken too.

Also, bots on this map are constantly stuck on both ladders and cannot climb them.


fatshark could always have the bots teleport to a player via chat wheel command. or just drastically reduce the teleport distance.


Immunity to such damage is something I’ve advocated for, for awhile.

That said, there is a semi-workable path I’ve found. After you drop down, go right - break the first chain and either hope the bots can get up onto that area, or go back to the drop-down area and they can follow you there.

Next go up the stairs and take care of that chain - it’s the easiest. After this, you go up the ladder and break that chain. If bots get stuck below, you go down and fight with them, pulling them away from the ladder if they keep getting stuck on it. Finally, you go to the chain that often has the ammo box spawn on it. They will typically get stuck in the goo and can’t get to you, but once you break the chain the goo all drains out and they will no longer be taking passive damage, at least.

I’ve had much better success with this strat than any other.


@BizarreSalp Oh, don’t give Fatshark a reason to say: “The players figured it out somehow themselves, we won’t fix this problem”.

No compromises - bugs must be fixed, problems must be solved by the Developers themselves, this is their job. Those who do so receive love from the community.

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