Bots and their suicidal tendencies at the Garden of Morr finale

Issue Summary:
So far I’ve completed this map at least 5 times with bots, while also having numerous defeats there, many of which were during the finale.
This is because the finale is the most difficult part to get through with bots, but only because those idiots keep standing in the green stuff or, even worse, get stuck somewhere in it and just stand there until they die. At which point other bots try to help them (while standing in the green stuff themselves). And often they fall down, too.
Almost in every game there were several situations where bots were fighting enemies while standing in the green goo and thus taking loads of unblockable damage from it. It doesn’t seem like bots are trying to avoid it - maybe they treat this warp vomit like any other solid ground?
And in at least half of those games one of the bots got stuck in the green goo and just kept jumping/standing still until he died. I assume they do not account for the decreased jump height you get while standing in this stuff.

Suggestion: bots should not take damage from the green warp goo on the floor. Don’t punish the player by killing bots/wasting healing supplies for something he cannot control, fix or prevent.

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Here is another account of this bugged behaviour:

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The work-around I have found for this is to go left instead of right when you first drop down. The bots seem less prone to getting stuck if you do the chains in a counter-clockwise direction - though, yeah, their pathing is really bad in this area. The ladders, too, are a huge challenge for them.

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