The bots shouldn't take damage in Morrs Garden

Just QoL suggestion here.
Anyone who has done a bot run on Morrs Garden will know that their path finding in Morrs Garden final is atrocious. They often fail to avoid the poison, and get stuck at the bottom of a ladder, in poison and basically just sit there and take the damage and die. There’s not much you can do to help that situation except for going as far away from them as possible and hoping they teleport to you.
Meanwhile, we see the enemies have no problem traversing the poison and navigating the terrain to get to you in an attempt to kill you.

Thus the solution I propose is to just allow the bots to use the same path finding that the enemy uses and to grant them poison immunity. That way they won’t get stuck down there and needlessly die, costing you a grim or putting you in an awkward solo situation.
After all, it’s still dangerous down there, you can’t dodge effectively, and get swarmed, so there’s still plenty of danger for the bots down there, and no player in their right mind would intentionally fight down there. It’s just a fix to allow them to follow you efficiently around the final without getting stuck and dying.


Definitely agree. I’ve heard that breaking chains in counter-clockwise order helps bots to survive the event but it’s more common for vast majority of players to go clockwise since it’s better order for players, so bots are usually considered dead from the beginning. I’m inclined to give them full immunity to slow effects since they lack ability to avoid hazards in general.

Btw devs I thank you for the bot ledge change you’ve made. They don’t throw themselves out of ledges as much anymore and it has been a great QoL change.

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+1. The same rationale for the mechanic where bots can’t take fall damage applies here. Since bots can’t path around or avoid the plague/acid pool, they should not take acid damage. It seems that they just slapped the Vermintide 1 bot pathfinding in there. In Vermintide 1, there is no damage from the acid pool in Garden of Morr.

The same thing applies to Chaos Wastes AoE curses: e.g., exploding totem (Khorne), Blood Tornado (Khorne), hexed poisoned enemies (Nurgle). Bots can’t path around or avoid these AoE curses, so they shouldn’t take damage from them.

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