Bots ammo replenish

Thanks for the update bots now taking ammo always. However, they became a bit obsessed with it. They now pick up ammo from before me if I’m not quick enough.
This is a problem when someone would use a tactic when to pick ammo, typically in the skittergate arena bots always pick up the support ammo pouch. It’s enough to have a single bot to waste it.
A raw solution would be if bots care only about ammo boxes and would take pouches only when ordered. Even when they haven’t any. This would be enough.
With the mod which shows the ammo counter of others, I see when to order them to pick up pouches.


Just be conservative shooter or scrounger. Problem solved. .-)

there are plenty of weapons/builds that don’t work with either. And having a bot shoot once, then steal your ammo while you are completely dry is incredibly frustrating. Just make it so they only care about pouches when they are under 30% max ammo

Sorry, but this joke is absolutely not funny.

In my private solo games, I do 90% of the work - the hard and bloody work of killing specialists. I constantly need ammo, and besides, I now have to be distracted so that the bots do not steal the ammo from under my nose.

In fact, I am very much suffering from the change that influenced the behavior of bots in relation to ammo. Not to repeat myself, here is a link to my topic:

Patch 3.3 Change - Bots & Ammo problems

In short, this change is very bad, it ruin the game, leads to bugs - therefore it should be canceled or fixed.

Which I have been waiting for a very long time. I’ve send bug reports about this since the 5th Anniversary, but nothing has improved yet.


I know this may could “too much” for many of you. But how about give them a ammo regeneration?

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Related Oct. 2020 bug report:

I just must to repeat the 1101st time about the bug:

When the ammo box is nearby, but inaccessible (for example, the whole team jumped down, and the box is above or stayed behind the barrier) - the bots stand still and do not move, waiting for the ammo to “teleport” to them. This often leads to the death of bots, as they stand in fire and gas, and also miss blows.

It’s also very bad that bots run to the ammo box after each shot, disrupting the formation in the middle of the horde. Or running one by one between floors. This also often leads to death.

Thus, need to fix:

#1 - Prevent bots from grabbing one-use-only ammo pouches. By my coommand, only and forever. (you can leave automatically grabbing the RV survivalist’s ammunition, let them choke)

#2 - Drastically reduce the distance of detection and running to the ammo box - in fact, need to be lead them to come close to this damn box.

#3 - Generally prohibit bots to shoot at useless trash and waste half of ammo. Let the bots always shoot count as if they have less than 50% ammo left.


I cannot agree more. Except for the survivalist’s ammo pouch. The rule should be simple and easily understandable for players so they should never use pouches.

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Here you are a nice example of the results. Pit, burning warehouse event. I fought only on the area where I took this pic. Bots went to the ammo box again and again and got stuck fighting enemies on the other side.
It would be far better if bots recognize ammo boxes only from a closer distance to prevent these strange situations. It’s not a problem if I need to lead them to the box.

Edit: I forgot when I left this room after the event bots were still after the ammo box and followed me with a very long delay.

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