Regarding the Weave Illusions in Lohner’s Emporium


About two weeks ago, we accidentally made some weapon illusions available in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders that were not yet ready for publication. These illusions won’t be returning to Lohner’s Emporium at this point in time. While we appreciate that these illusions have long been in demand, we had to pull them from the Emporium for two main reasons:

  1. All in-game items go through internal testing cycles to ensure a stable experience for our players. Skipping this process may result in unintended effects such as balance issues, instability, and a whole host of other things we would otherwise want to avoid.

  2. We have other plans for these weapon illusions and how we’d make them available to you. In the past, we’ve mentioned our desire to redo some game modes so Vermintide II is the game you want it to be and we know it can be. We can’t go into what these plans are at this point in time as they are just that—plans. When the time is right, we’ll further communicate our intentions for these illusions and how they fall into our future plans for the game.

We understand this news may be disappointing, but Hedge and I will continue to advocate for you and your desires for the game, as it’s important for us for you all to enjoy the content we put out.

We appreciate your continued support and patience.


inb4 non disclosure agreements bad

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Now that has some excitement to it! But can we also get a “deed” rework or some way to modify difficulty consistently? Weekly event is nice but I would love to be able to activate Twins or Vanguard or BHFS at will.


Well I am glad to know that there is still hope for Weave weapon illusions.