Weapon Illusion Variety

Making mountains out of mole hills here but I have been an active player of Vermintide 2 for… a really long time. I, for years have only skipped one event which I will forever regret because my favorite weapon in the entire game (the Mace & Sword for Markus Kruber) got a SICK RESKIN THAT I MISSED OUT ON!

And I also gotta say I REALLY LIKE what Vermintide is doing with weapon illusions. The weekly Chaos Wastes skins, the Warhammer Skulls Event (Which we did reach, good job everybody!) which rewards us with TEN ILLUSIONS!

But what I did notice is that we only got weapon illusions for around five specific weapons that haven’t been given illusions before (I did miss one event so this number could be even smaller sadly). The Dual Daggers for example now have three event illusions while some weapons have none.

In conclusion, not only do I feel like it would be nice to focus on the weapons that don’t have any illusions yet, I also feel like there is more potential to how difficult it is to get certain skins. This is like peak try-harding for me right now so I don’t expect this to be implemented but what if, for the next event, you had an illusion locked to the top 50 participants who grinded for the goal?

Love the game, will continue to love the game, we’re definitely going in the right direction! FOR SIGMAR AND THE EMPIRE!

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Yeah I wish FS gave some of the DLC weapons some attention as well, until Weave illusions was recently made available, Throwing Axes and Heavy Spear had the worst skin selection