Weapon Illusions Customization

Hey there,

first i wanted to say that i relly like some of the Illusions you Guys did in V2!
i feel like sometimes its a Bummer that Weapons dont really fit. But since “DT” was announced its clear where most of the resources went. Its totally fine by me, since i love Sci-Fi and Warhammer of course.
F.ex. Salty’s Rapiers.
Some of them have Badass looking Swords, like my Fav is Truthseeker for a Long time. I prefer it over the Purple Illusion in anyway. I like the Sword better than the Purple and the Pistol especially is better looking aswell . On other Illusions like Purple one, you have this Great Sword and a Pistol which is like the worst looking one.

Could you Guys please consider in “DT” that we can freely Combine the Melee Weapons and the Ranged Weapon if there are Combos, which there surely will be?!

That would be so neat! If you have a Relic set, then please make both Relics or Artificier or whatnot!!