Outcast Engineer weapons skins

The skins Marazthrundtak(Masterwork Pistol) and Kalancoggrund(Cog Hammer) don’t seem to be available from their respective challenges(An Eye for a Target for Marazthrundtak and Fundamental Force for Kalancoggrund) is this a bug?

Hi @Complexspeggle,

Can you please let me know your Steam Profile URL (or Gamertag / PSN name) so we can take a look at this for you.


My gamertag is ComplexSpeggle.

i like that name

@Complexspeggle, I’ve checked this internally and I’ve been told that the rewards for these challenges are Shillings, and the skins mentioned are obtained by opening chests.

Are your challenges displaying different rewards? Could you please provide a screenshot if so, as this may be a bug.

What kind of chests? Because MWP and Coghammer are DLC weapons. They don’t drop in chests. At all. So this seems kinda difficult. Bögenhagen chests dropped cosmetics but they are no longer a thing and have been transferred completely to the Emporium.

Asking because I mentioned the same cosmetics (I think) some time ago and there it has been acknowledged as bug:

Missing Illusions - Warhammer: Vermintide 2 / Vermintide 2 - Bugs - Fatshark Forums (fatsharkgames.com)

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As someone else mentioned, Outcast Engineer and his weapons are DLC weapons, which cannot be obtained through chests. The claim that these skins come from the previously mentioned challenges are from memory and other players saying it was from these challenges.

D’oh! Apologies - a discussion I had with another developer about this got a bit muddled :sweat_smile:

Please ignore what I said above! To clarify - depending on DLC, weapon illusions are granted on purchase, with Shillings and by Okri’s Challenges.

My understanding is that these weapon illusions may not be obtainable. I’ll query this internally and try to find out, and I’ll update you when I get to the bottom of it.

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We’ve looked at this, and there is a bug here. It appears that several weapon illusions are being displayed incorrectly in the UI menu when they shouldn’t be, as they are not obtainable (this is intended) from either Adventure mode or Chaos Wastes.

From what I can gather, these are the weapon illusions being shown incorrectly:

* Banishing Blade
* Pegasus Bulwark
* The Doom of Anmyr
* Marazthrundtak
* Kalancoggrund

Though, we’ll check this again in case any are missed from here.

Apologies for any confusion caused!

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I see. Where are these illusions seen then, if they are seen at all? Thank you for the clarification

I think the illusions may be incorrectly visible from the Weapon Upgrades/Overview menu for the respective weapons.

Now knowing that they are intended to be unavailable through aventure/chaos wastes, is it known whether the intention is to keep these skins unavailable permanently or to release them later in a future update? Allg if it’s not known but would be great to know whether we should keep our hopes up or not.

Kinda sucks that Kruber and Bardins premium classes didn’t get the same amount of content as Kerillian and Saltzpyres did, having fewer skins and having to buy most of the illusions from the shop as opposed to just having them.

Are you sure about The Doom of Anmyr weapon skin? Because I got it last week while opening some chest.

I’ll query this again, seems these weapon illusions are causing some confusion all round :sweat_smile:

Indeed :laughing:. I think what is confusing a lot of people is the fact that those 4 weapons showing ( Banishing Blade, Pegasus Bulwark, Marazthrundtak, Kalancoggrund) are clearly the purple skin version of the weapons from the Bögenhagen dlc for the Grail knight and the engineer. Those purple skin were not included in the cosmetic pack of those premium classes, but were included in the later Sister of the thorn and warrior priest cosmetic pack. So we have the 2 first premium classes released without those purple skin and the 2 others premium classes with the purple skin.

And the fact that you can have those purple skin for the GK and engi in the chaos wastes mode, but not in the campagne is again really confusing. Since the sister of the thorn and the warrior priest both have their purple skin weapons in both modes.


Appreciate the detailed breakdown @CitizenKhaine! I’ve passed this on internally.

I can’t make any promises about these cosmetics being made available, we’ll initially need to look at tidying up the UI to make sure illusions that aren’t obtainable won’t be visible to prevent further confusion. From there, we’ll likely have some discussions :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, glad I can be of some help.

As long as we have a clear answer about that situation either positive or negative it will be good thing. Thanks for trying to clear that up for us.


Carrying the thread better than the creator of it lol😂

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