Cosmetics not found

Today I bought “Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Outcast Engineer Bundle” and I got character and his basic weapons, but when I enter in Lohren emporium of wonders store / Cosmetics / Bardin Goreksson / Outcast Engineer - all I see are weapon illusion, no Headgear, and no Hero skins. Pls help me, did I spent 8,79€ on the bundle (hero and skins) and got just character ???

Many are unlocked via Okri’s Challenges :slight_smile: please see: [PC] What About The Outcast Engineer's Cosmetics? – Fatshark

yea but should it look like this, not even the appearance of headgear and hero skins?

Yes, it’ll look like this. Only items that can be bought in the Emporium will be shown in the Emporium. All the ‘100 missions on champion or higher’ hats for every career for example can also only be unlocked trough challenges and are not available in the shop. In the Outcast Engineer’s case every single one of his hats and skins (all the new weapon illusions too, for that matter) is locked behind challenges.

Ok, thats unfair in comparison to other characters but thanks for the answer!

This is the main reason why I didn’t buy the cosmetic upgrade until I completed all of the challenges beforehand.

When I buy cosmetics in other games, I get them immediately. I do not like how it is handled for this game.

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