Grail Knight cosmetics from achievments missing

Hello, I own the grail knight dlc and cosmetic pack. I have already completed achievements for bretonian longsword, longsword and shield and armor, but for some reason I don’t have those skins and rewards. Also I see “illusion n/a” written at the weapon skin window in Okri’s book.Examles are below:

Can I get my skins somehow, thanks?

Could you PM me the URL to your Steam profile please, and I’ll make sure somebody looks at this on Monday. Sorry for the delay.

Well, I stil l have the problem, I got some other skins for other weapons after hotfix, but still no skin for longsword.

My apologies @Armagald, I’ll be completely honest and say this slipped my radar. Sorry. :frowning:

I’ve sent this over to our Backend Engineers, but in the mean time would you be able to try re-completing the Okri’s Challenges? This may ultimately be the quickest “solution” as it’s possible they haven’t registered correctly.

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