Where are my skins?

Recently bought grail knight on PS4, unlocked a couple of skins for him through the challenges, but i cannot find the cosmetics in my inventory! I tired restarting the game a few times, but it hasn’t worked. Any tips?

Did you successfully complete the mission in which the game notified you of completing the challenge?

If so, did you claim the challenge from the Okri’s Challenges book?

Yes I did, and the skin had been present in my inventory for a couple of days and then it disappeared. Edit: in Okri’s book it shows up as completed, but the skin is not present in my cosmetics tab

There is a known issue with cosmetics randomly disappearing, and subsequently re-appearing for some players. We implemented a fix but it wasn’t robust enough - so we’re looking into it again.

Please be assured that your cosmetics haven’t been deleted. We’re working on it, and this will hopefully be resolved in one of our upcoming patches soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.

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