Missing Illusions

I checked a bit around today which illusions I am still missing and I noticed that I do not have one of the six illusions for Masterwork Pistol, Bretonnian Longsword and Coghammer. And while I have not checked it right now I am pretty sure same goes for the Bretonnian Sword & Shield:

In all cases, it is 5/6 and purple glow weapon illusions. I have checked my illusion section and it is not listed there, I also have all illusions from the Okri’s challenge for the Premium Careers and also all Illusions from the Emporium of Wonders. It is simply not there. It seems to me that this concerns the Premium Careers DLC weapons for the two careers which had the skins unlocked via challenges as the issue does not persist for SotT and WP. Can anyone confirm this for them to be the same?

Also, for the Tuskor Spear there is no preview:

And no name is shown. Probably some misplaced pointer in the code.


Checked it, and it’s the same for me. Those purple illusions that are unlocked by challenges that I’ve completed ages ago are missing for me as well. No idea since when, since I hadn’t equipped any.

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