DLC Weapons Suddenly Disappeared

Hello. I’ll keep this concise. When I logged in earlier to play the game, the notification for all of my DLC cosmetic purchases suddenly appeared. I bought them prior to this issue last few days ago. As I was fixing my builds for all of my classes, I noticed that I’m missing all of my DLC weapons, which is odd. There’s a possibility that I might be missing more than just the DLC weapons. Can you kindly look into this matter?

Some info that might help:

  • I bought all of the DLC in Steam.
  • Okri’s Challenges for DLC weapons are tagged as completed.

Looking forward to your swift response. Thank you.

It happened once for me. I did a “verify integrity of game files” and everything was back after that.

Restarting the Steam client, sometimes required several times, will solve this. This is due to a miscommunication between Steam and our backend, causing DLCs to be “unlinked” to the account.

Just an update. Restarting and validating my files worked. Thanks a lot for the help. :slight_smile:

You may now close this thread.

Closing as requested!