Only two Bögenhafen missions

Have I missed something or is there a reason I only got two missions this week?

They said they removed the chests once you reach all items. Seems these two are your last ones.
Might that be right?

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Seems unlikely, will go through the items but I know I’m missing atleast 5 items.

How do you know how many are you missing? I’m asking because I wanna know how many am I missing :smiley:
That being said… I don’t think I got any hats for WH from the Bogenhafen boxes.

I saw someone post the math a few days ago. According to him, if one has claimed all weeklies since introduced, the last one dropped from the first Bögenhafen box opened last week. In my case the first box contained a weapon illusion and the second and third were duplicate hero skins. I had three new missions this week but haven’t claimed them due to duplicates - and I know at least one person that didn’t get any new missions at all (we both claimed all weeklies).

Something is broken

I got all from bogengafrn chest, still get 3 weekly dlc chest and currently i have 8 extra chest

But my freind didnt get any weekly chest even though he doesn’t have all from dlc chest


Yep, I only got 1 mission this week. Also, don’t forget some people didn’t do all the achievements for Bög to get those chests.


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