No weekly....

I have all the Bogen Box loot, so maybe thats whats wrong, but they were available last week and I just got dupe skins. No drop down for bogenhafen weeklys, Nothing.

They removed them last week for those who collected all weeklies. Some people, myself included, got them because I logged in quite early and before they issued the changes. So it is at it’s supposed to be.


No more weeklies for me neither since last week.
Is there a way to ensure we have all the illusions / skins?

A mod would be nice, maybe.

nm, just found out the new 1.5 patch and the related Okri Challenge event.

Just in case anyone didn’t figure it out while reading this post : you get a new okri challenge for collecting all Bogenhafen cosmetics through weeklies.

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I haven’t missed a single bogan chest since the DLC was added and I bought it on day 1. I am currently sitting at 83/84 cosmetics and the only achievement I don’t have is the warehouse barricade one.

So in theory if you got all the chests and did all of the achievements you should have everything now.

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