83/84 Bögenhafen cosmetics (according to Okri's) but got no weekly

As the title says, got 83/84 of my cosmetics but no weekly.

The only option for getting the last one is completing one of the three missing legend achievemnts, but I would prefer getting the last cosmetic through a weekly quest.

You won’t receive any more Bögenhafen weeklies as you only have one more cosmetic left to obtain, and one more Bögenhafen challenge left to complete in order to receive your completionist artwork from Okri. :slight_smile:

Updated response:

I don’t understand this, why do I not get ONE weekly mission?

Did I screw myself up by doing all the easier challenges that gave chests and I should have left some for now to complete? If that’s the case, it seems quite unfair.

No cosmetics will be locked behind the challenges, you will be able to receive all rewards using only weekly quests.


Same problem

I flagged for re-evaluation, got the same issue.

I apologise, my previous response was hasty and a misunderstanding on my part.

Hans has identified an issue where players are shown to own 83/84 cosmetics, despite actually owning them all which I believe is the issue you’re experiencing here. This will be addressed tomorrow.


Thanks for answering so quickly, don’t worry about it, we are all humans. Well, at least i hope. :upside_down_face:

82/84 got only one weekly.

Yep, it seems like this is the case/problem. :wink:

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