Lost Items

Issue Summary:
I bought the DLC. Played through the first map once. Someone showed me how to press the secret bricks and I completed the level.

I got 3 Chests (2 for doing it on Vet, and 1 for the secret bricks). The first 2 I opened were for the character I was using, Bounty Hunter (Red Bracer pistols which I already had, and a Red Falchion which I really wanted), then I switched to Bardin to open the 3rd (A Slayer skin).

When I went to look in my inventory, the 3rd was there but the first 2 were no where to be seen. It also says I’ve unlocked those challenge chests so I can’t get them again. Very irritating.

Steps to Reproduce:
No Idea. Give me back my challenge chests and I’ll try it again?

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
N/A A one off I suppose?

Additional Information:
I’m highly aggravated, I feel like I shouldn’t have bothered buying the DLC. And to be perfectly honest I’d get a refund for the DLC at this point if I could. Although I want to support the game and Fat Shark, part of my purchasing decision was based on getting extra loot. I feel like I’ve been shafted tbh.

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The item in the 2nd box would be an illusion you can apply to an existing falchion. If you have one I recommend unequipping it from your careers and checking the apply illusion function in the forge.

OK Thanks. Must be my mistake.

As overlord Hedge has mentioned any “reds” you get from Bogen boxes are just illusions. Not actual weapons.

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