Weapons with glowing white runes? and Reds?

How do you get those…i can only get the purple glowing ones from the weekly and such. Ive asked before and people say you get them from Red weapons. That leads me to my next question…wait reds actually EXIST!?

Im not trolling but i LEGIT thought Red rarity items were something PC players just modded into the game. Are they seriously something that can drop in console versions of the game? If so how freaking rare are they, i have a flowchart of how many Emp boxes i open 224 Recruit, 1246 Vet, 457 Champ and 4 Legend Emp boxes…in all that ive NEVER gotten a red…Can someone confirm that reds actually exist? after awhile i really am convinced PC players just mod them in.

I play ps4 and ill be honest, i cant say. I have never SEEN a red myself, skin or otherwise but ive heard of people on PC getting them after like a few days, ive also heard of people (also on pc) not getting a single red after supposedly hundreds of Emperor Vaults. I’m convinced they are simply not patched into the game for everyone. As far as a red on console, i have never seen one, and i don’t know a lot of people but i dont know anyone who has seen a red either. They might be exclusive to PC i dunno.

My advice, give up looking, if you get one you will get one, but hoping for a red and hunting for one is self torture, if you have bad RNG you can go hundreds of hours without a single red.

PS4 player here, i can confirm reds exist, in fact i have quite a decent collection of them. Reds will only start dropping at 600 hero power from what i’ve read. The chest needs to be a emp chest (although i think i got some reds from soldier/generals chests a few times) or any of the vaults, there’s also a really low chance to get reds from commendation chests too.

On PC it is something like <4% chance to drop a Red from an Emperor’s Chest, so you’re always better going into legend and doing a no-books run and opening a peasants vault.

I had three in one week from soldiers vaults+ then went something like 180 hours without getting a drop. Then I got a ton of duplicate charms and trinkets and so on.

RNG is a harsh mistress but I have no idea why the devs would REMOVE them prior to PS4 release. They’re in there I reckon, but you got to flaggelate yourself to get one… and it’ll be a weapon you don’t like/use or a piece of jewellery.

Opening 200 Legend Emp Vaults gave something like 14% drop rate for a red, most of which were trinkets although you might get a fairly wide spread of red weapons.

Have Fun!

Yea, you’ve only opened 4 legend vaults. So that’s why. Legend emperor vaults have around a 20% chance of dropping reds and goes down from there. With a peasants vault having a 7% chance or so. So as Argonaut14 said above me, you’re better off doing legend runs with no books than doing full runs on champion if you want reds.

Oh and champion Emperor chests have around a 3% chance of dropping. So yea, really low.

And reds do not drop at 600 hero power. You can get them at lvl 1 as soon as you start the game. I took my friends into legend games by using deeds to bypass the hero power requirements and got them reds at starting hero power. No matter what your hero power is, reds will always be 300.

Yeah as people said above, you can get reds from emperor champion to emperor legend, plus commendation chest, but the drop rate in those is hecky-tiny (probably below 1% at least).

Wanted to link a post we had here with “tested” droprate, but I can’t seem to find it :confused:

PS : @TobaisGeofell “Not getting patched into the game for everyone” isn’t possible :stuck_out_tongue: Not patched for console is (altho it’s not the case), but with an online-game only (you can’t play it without server connection), you’d have a really hard time having players running different version of the game (with and without reds) on the same server :smiley:

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