Requirements for Legendaries (Red Items)

I’m finding alot of conflicting information in the steam discussions, steam guides, and vermintide reddit on what is contingent on obtaining a red item. Some have stated hero level-25 or 30-some have stated an item power level of ~290 or greater, and some even stating that it cannot even be obtained in champion difficulty;maybe this particularly is because of the temporary pre-order loot table restriction.

What are all of the requirements to obtain a red, a veteran or moderator response would be preferred.

(optional) More specific questions:
If it is true that at lvl 25 you unlock the ability to roll for red, do the chances increase for each subsequent higher level(30 max)?
If it is true that a item power level is required-290?-and because item power level transfers between all characters I would assume there is a level requirement in place for red rolls in the case that you start a new character to level?
Will reds roll in commendation boxes?
Do reds roll in Champion and higher difficulty and only in general and emperor boxes?
Is the difference in red rolls between Champion and Lord difficulty ~5%?

Thank you for your time.


Bump - would like to know as well.

According to a reddit thread most people to have reported getting Veteran items got them from Emperor’s chests on champion.

Would like to know that as well and the lack of information is even more obscure and present in regards to cosmetik items…

I too found a lot of conflicting information, and unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots to prove what I’m saying now, and can’t answer all your questions, but…

You can find Red items below max power. My friend had items equipped around ~210-ish power each (at level 30). He did a Champion mission with us, and upon opening an Emperors chest, got a red swiftbow (Power 300) on his elf. On a side note, when he put it on, his power jumped a bit (of course, it being his only 300 item and the rest at ~210-ish) and he did another mission us. The loot he got from that next chest (whatever it was) was now finding him ~240-ish items. It helped him get a nice power boost.

The only things I know for sure about Red Items are:

  • They definitely drop from Champion Emperors Chests and above. As I mentioned above, my friend got one out of a Champion Emperors Chest, and I got mine out of a Legend Soldier’s Chest. Doing some reading, it appears they may drop from Champion Generals Chests too … but I can’t confirm, as I haven’t found one yet, or been with someone who did. Also, I can’t confirm if they drop from Commendation chests, but I’ve opened a ton of them and not a single one yet.

  • They can have a unique illusion. These illusions appear to mostly have blue glowy runes or designs on them from what I’ve seen.

  • Red Items/Weapons appear to all be 300 power, regardless of current Hero Power (based on my finding(s) at least).

  • Red Items/Weapons always have maximum values for their stats, and you can re-roll the stats.

To answer another one of your questions (maybe), it appears item rarity is somewhat determined by character level as well as chest quality (and/or hero power?). I have all level 30 characters, but a level 4 mage, all with 300 power items. When I open Commendation/Generals/Emporers chests on my mage, I mostly get Whites and Greens (good for green dust!) … but not many blues and no oranges yet. When I open Commendation/Generals/Emporers on my level 30 characters (Total 600 power), I am finding many more blues and oranges (in fact, so many that I’m short on green dust…). If I open lower tier chests (Peasants/Merchants/Soldiers) on any character, they seem to mostly give me Whites/Green/Blues, but not many Oranges.

I’m keeping my Mage low level right now to help get me more green dust, or white items to upgrade to green … for dust … haha.

Well hope that helps.


The only impacting factor of whether you get a red or not is the quality of the loot box you recieve. Currently which boxes drop red items is unknown. It was at some point datamined that the lowest possible box was Champions Generals chest, but according to THIS post that datamined info was unused code in the live environment.

Other people have taken it in their own hands to gather this information via practical methods (testing the live environment and collecting the statistics). HERE is a link to their collected data. They looted 569 Emperors vaults from the Legend difficulty, which resulted in roughly 1% chance for reds.

Additionally I can confirm that:

  1. All reds are power level 300 by default.

  2. All reds have maximum rolls by default.

  3. All reds affixes can be re-rolled. The re-rolled affixes will have maximum rolls by default

  4. All reds traits can be re-rolled.

  5. All red weapons have unique illusions that glow.

Neat - I know you already said it - but I just want to confirm.

“5. All red weapons have unique illusions that glow.”

Do they always have those fancy illusions? Or is the illusion on those RNG?

The illusions are always there

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Can you change the illusions?

On regular weapons yeah, but don’t know about veteran weapons actually. Haven’t tried

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Yes you can extract illusions from red weapons.
You can also get duplicates.

So far after 300 hours I got 7 red weapons on the dwarf :

  • 2 grude-rakers
  • 2 handguns
  • 1 Drakefire Pistols
  • 1 Drakegun
  • 1 Dual-Axes for Slayer

Personally, I never got any red before getting all my chars to level 30 with item power 300.
I got most of them from legend runs and you CAN get reds from soldier, merchant and even commoner’s chests.

I usualy got 1 red out of 10 chests

Also since 1.0.5 they said they increased drop rates for reds but I opened 24 chests and so far no luck.



i have opened about 100 legend chests but no reds still. i wish i had more time to play, lol. especially now that they increased the droprate.

Hi. I can confirm that Veteran items can drop in Champion - General chests. I do not have a screenshot of it, but that’s where I got my Younger Fleissman Fire Sword weapon from Sienna.

You can’t get Veteran items from Commendation chests, but you can get Cosmetic items from them.

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I got a cosmetic item from the free commendation chest you get when you first log in and haven’t even played a game, so I think they’re possible anywhere, just really rare :stuck_out_tongue:

They do not always have illusions that glow.

Here is a red bow I got from a emperors chest on champion. And from what I can tell, Champion boxes have higher chance of getting reds. I’ve only got them from Champion games.


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Continuing the discussion from Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.5 - Patch Notes - Updated & Hotfixed:

They talked about veteran items(reds) back in patch 1.0.5 when they adjusted drop rates and the chests they are supposed to pop out of.

No. I believe commendation boxes are the only ones that can drop cosmetics though.

They never disclosed drop rate chances. No one but Fat Shark knows them for certain. People just run tests in the hopes of getting a ballpark idea of what they are.

Numerous people have reported getting reds much earlier than that.

This is assumed, as there is a level barrier in place for greens/blues/oranges.

I’m not sure if anyone knows what level you would “unlock” the ability to get reds. It’s probably safe to assume a barrier exists for it like the other colors. I doubt the chances change at all because of your level(E.G. from 25-30). In my experiences, I have only noticed a change in quality of loot due to tier of chest acquired. E.G., opening vaults(Legend) seems to render mostly blues and oranges. In Champion, greens appear more often. In Veteran, greens and whites appear even more frequently.

Just to clarify: Veteran items/Reds can be found from Champion General and Emperor chests, as well as any and all Legend vaults.

All reds are supposed to have illusions with glowing modifications. There is currently an issue where several items do not have any illusion/skin at all. I believe Fat Shark was made aware of this a while back. Hopefully they didn’t forget.

I can also confirm the above.

You can have an item have different red illusions. E.G., I have 2 different red versions of Sienna’s mace. They seem to just be glowing rune variations of existing illusions.

Earliest i’ve seen someone get a red is level 14, but it was an alt, they already had someone at cap, earliest I have seen someone get a red without having anyone at cap was level 20, lowest power I have seen someone get a red was when they were finding items of around 140 power. Generally speaking I imagine if you can / are running champion there is a chance for reds to drop from general / emps boxes, and that chance is increased when you run legend.

But what power did those reds have?

Red items are always 300 power with all properties maxed regardless how many times you reroll them. I had a mate of mine get a red tonight in a champion game. He only has a BH at lvl 30 and kruber at 11. He has no other classes leveled and his items from chests are no where near 300 hero power.

So did he instantly promote his item drop/craft power to 300, or does he keep getting his 200 power items in chests, if not lower?